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17th Annual Angus Female Sale Thank You Artwork

Southern Synergy Buyers Validate Birth to Harvest Value in 17th Annual Sale

The registered seedstock business in America, regardless of breed, is a combination of competing for customers while simultaneously making breeding decisions that add value through the entire beef supply chain. The Southern Synergy partners of Ogeechee Farms, Clint Smith and Smitty Lamb; and CAM Ranches, Andrew McPeake, made the decision early on to commit their breeding programs to genetic selection based on all traits. Over the years as fads and trends come and go, the Southern Synergy focus has remained the same. They trust the process. The result is documented, consistent improvement from birth to harvest in cow herd performance.

Lots 1 and 2 were, arguably, two donors with the strongest performance to sell in one sale in a decade.
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18th Annual Southern Synergy Angus Female Sale
Saturday, April 12, 2025
The sale is held at Ogeechee Farms (200 Robert Johnson Road • Midville, GA 30441)

GAR Powercat offers one of the absolute best opportunities in our business to continue the quest for beef cattle superiority. He is truly a dominant multi-trait marvel. He excels for athletic movement, picture perfect feet, and is the type and kind we all appreciate. Powercat offers particular interest as an outcross alternative for use on Home Town, Transcendent, Fireball, Fireproof, Apex and Dual Force daughters in herds across the country.

We offer our sincere thanks to our partners in GAR Powercat—Bill Wasden, Millen, Georgia; Select Sires; and Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas. We look forward to this outstanding partnership and opportunity for excellence.

Contact Select Sires for semen.

A big THANK YOU to the buyers of GAR Home Run, born and raised at Ogeechee Farms! We look forward to our partnership with Busenlehner Farms, Rowena, Texas; Select Sires; and Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas.

Of the many thousands of GAR Home Town progeny, GAR Home Run is the son to take us all to new heights of beef cattle excellence. Decades of disciplined breeding, genomic data and feedlot and carcass closeouts on thousands of head of Gardiner genetics are proving the reality of genetic acceleration, changing populations of Angus from average to elite.

Contact Select Sires for semen.


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